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Granite, Marble, Quartz Warranty


Chain of Lakes Granite's Warranty Policy

General Warranty

Our number one goal is to provide the very best countertops with the best service possible. Therefore we extend a one year warranty for your countertops covering any defect in craftsmanship or workmanship.


We measure, fabricate, and install granite so we warranty the stone and the work that we do but since we don't manufacture the sealer itself, it only makes sense that the company that makes the sealer provide a warranty for their product. That is why we tested many products in our shop and select not only the best performing sealer, but the one that also carries the highest warranty and service team to apply to your countertops. If you would like to learn more about our sealer warranties, please see our sealer warranty page for more info. Now all of our products are sealed before they leave the shop regardless of whether or not you elect to purchase the suppliers warranty, the only difference is you wouldn't have access to their support team. Without the warranty, we recommend you reseal your countertops annually as a safeguard against stains.

Product Disclaimers

  • Acid etching - Acid etching occurs when an acid reacts with the naturally occurring calcium that makes up the majority of marble. Even weak acids such as vinegar, citrus juice, or tomatoes will cause acid etching. Acid etching looks like a dull spot or ring on your countertop. There is NO way to prevent acid etching and if you choose marble, your countertops ARE going to acid etch. Since acid etching is entirely unpreventable, Chain of Lakes Granite nor any sealer warranty will cover acid etching. See the photo to the right for an example, this ring was made with diluted 1% HCL in 10 seconds.
  • Scratching - Much like acid etching, scratches are going to occur on marble countertops. Marble is very soft and can be easily scratched with common household items like glasses, pans, silverware, and even plastic. Scratching is entirely unpreventable and not warrantied in any way. We are not saying never use marble, just saying that you must be willing to accept the natural patina that is bound to happen on your countertops.

Marlbe Acid Etching

  • Burning - Quartz is a manmade product that contains about 93% naturally occurring quartz which is very resilient. The remaining amount is resin and pigments to hold it all together and give it some color. While the quartz is hard and pretty indestructible, the resins are not. Therefore, quartz will burn if a hot kettle or cookware is placed on them. Since this is an unpreventable condition (besides of course not placing hot items on it), we do not in any way warranty burn marks in quartz.
Quartz Kettle Burn