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The Granite Countertop Process



With hundreds of color options, edge styles, and possible layouts, the world of granite countertops can be a confusing and overwhelming process, especially if it is your first time building/remodeling. Not to worry though, we are here to help!

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The process usually begins with an estimate of your project. You may simply shoot us an email or call us up and we would be happy to help you out with that. Blueprints help a lot if you happen to have them, we also do have a sketch sheet to assist you in drawing out your kitchen (see left).
After you decide to move forward with the project, the next step is to select your granite color. For larger projects that require a full slab you can either come out to our showroom here or visit one of our suppliers located throughout the Twin Cities and St. Cloud (click on bottom right picture to see more). If you project only requires . a remnant, we have over 1500 pieces to choose from stored in our indoor warehouse here in Richmond, MN (click on bottome left picture to see more).

Stone remnants Stone Showrooms
Laser Templater
After you have made your selections, the next step is to schedule a field measure.

We come out to every house and custom measure your project using our laser measuring equipment. This ensures a perfect fit in every home!
After we complete the field measure, we can use the CAD drawing created by the laser and overlay it on images of your slabs to create a digital rendering of your kitchen. This will help you know exactly what your custom countertops are going to look like even before they are cut out of the slabs! With this technology, we can match up seams, accent veins, and seamlessly coordinate the layout with our customers. NO MORE TAPE!
Digital rendering
After a slab layout has been approved, we can begin fabrication in our state of the art fabrication shop. We utilize many machines includes laser projectors, CNC machinery, and belt line polishers in cordination with hand polishing to create the perfect granite project every time!
And finnally comes the installation! The timeframe between field measure and installation is ussually between 1-2 weeks but does fluctuate slightly depending upon the time of year. The actual install itself will only take our expert crew about 2 hours to complete.
If you have any questions that were not answered feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help you out. Together we can create the perfect granite countertops to transform your home today!